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Student of the Week Award

Congratulations to the Student of the Week Award recipients for the week of October 18-22! Students show they are hardworking and responsible in the classroom.

Each week, we encourage new students to put their best efforts forward to earn the Student of the Week Award.

Congratulations to the following:

Mrs. Buccella- Katarina D.
Ms. Lovas- Isabella
Mrs. Bajus- Junior
Mrs. Tarsitano- Emilia
Mr. Gallo- George V.
Mrs. Fortuna- Theo C.
Ms. Mattina- Anthony C.
Mrs. Kuzyk- Chelsea P.
Mr. Culina- Jasmine
Mrs. Almonte- Mia G.
Mr. Ciapanna- Autumn A.
Mrs. Fiorino- Stella S.
Ms. Hlacar- Rahim S.
Mrs. Cruz- Trinita O.
Mrs. Podetz- Simona A.
Mrs. Toscani- Diane O.
Mrs. Kupina- Matthew R.Z.
Mr. Delio- Blossom O.
Mr. DiCroce- Luca D.
Mr. Penich- Sydney N.

Student of the Week Award